Kids Zone Activities
Family Cooking

Kids Potluck

Create your very own dessert at home and bring to the festival to be judged! 

Each Category is scored on a sale of

1 to 10

Dishes will be judged on

- Execution



Register to enter $20 

$15 goes to Carroll Health Dept.. for sample permit. 

Champion will win $50

Only 10 participants per time slot




Plant your own pizza garden

$5.00 to register

Take home your own pizza garden

Seedlings in Pots
Scavenger Hunt.jpg




FREE to register!

Email with hunt will be emailed to you 1 week prior to festival. Please check your spam. Print out hunt and bring to the festival. Redeem your hunt at the Kids Zone for your prize.




Frosting Contest

$5 to register

Arrive day of to participate in a frosting contest! 

Frosting and cupcakes will be provided

Show us your best design

Winner will receive a gift card to .....

Junior Food Festival (1).png
Ice Cream




Pie Face Game


How well do you know your child?

Well enough to take on this challenge?